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Zither Hammer

Zither Hammer

Recently Purchased Zither Hammer:

Antique Hammered Dulcimer Zither 1800s Square Head Nails Very Heavy, Large Vintage Hammered Dulcimer Zither Harp Stringed instrument Autoharp used, Hammered Dulcimer Zither Tuning Pins Nickel Plated Twenty Five Pack, Autoharp Zither Tuning Wrench Key Vintage Old Rare with Hammer Books, AutoHarp Zither L Tuning Hammer Dulcimer Tuner Wrench Square Auto Harp Psaltery, Square Shape Guzheng Zither Piano Tuning Hammer Tuner Spanner Tool Brown, L shape Square Shape Zither Piano Tuning Hammer Wrench Tuner Tool Useful, Square Shape Guzheng Zither Piano Tuning Hammer Tuner Tool Brown Useful, Vintage Handmade Musical Instrument Zither W Tuning Hammer 36 Strings 22x12, VINTAGE ANTIQUE ZITHER AUTO HARP WITH HAMMER BRIDGE INTACT,

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